Traditional Japanese hospitality in the mountains

The View is aptly named

Many of its rooms have stunning views of Mount Kenashi above the village, and the Chikuma Valley below. This spacious, airy property offers very comfortable western and Japanese accommodation, a short stroll from the moving walkway.

Stay in Nozawa Onsen

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Deluxe Japanese Western
2 - 6 people
Superior Japanese
2 - 5 people
Standard Japanese
1 - 4 people
Standard Double
1 - 2 people
Japanese Western
2 - 5 people
Deluxe Twin
1 - 2 people
Japanese Twin
1 - 3 people
Deluxe Japanese
1 - 4 people
Standard Western Twin
1 - 2 people
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Fresh local ingredients, only at The View Restaurant

Preserving traditions

The View offers traditional accommodation in a spacious building with wonderful views and modern facilities; its multilingual staff will make sure you enjoy your stay to the maximum.

Short walk to anywhere

Nozawa Onsen is a compact mountain village and nothing is more than a short walk away from the View Hotel. Particularly close by is the Shinyu onsen, with the iconic O-yu onsen less than 5 minutes’ walk away.

The hotel was clean and well maintained and had an excellent Onsen with a view which you use as your bathing area (robes provided). Breakfast was plentiful for your day skiing, a small bar that opened for your return from the slopes - thank you!


I've returned for another 3-night stay! The quality of the hot spring, where you can feel the gentle hot spring ingredients, the moderate amount of hot spring water, the bath that can be used 24 hours a day, and the view are the best. I also feel the polite guidance of the people at the front desk, the master who makes me feel the quiet mountain man, and the warm hospitality.


I brought my child along on my trip and it was great. My son is one year old so he has the tendency to toddle and play here and there. The hospitality of the staff was amazing and they watched over and played with my son. It felt like one of the nicest inns in Japan and made me want to come back again. I want to stay again next year.


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